About Perú

The Peru (quechua and Aymara: Piruw), officially the Republic of Peru, is a sovereign country of the American West from the South. The Pacific Ocean along its coast and borders with Ecuador and Colombia to the North, Brazil to the East, and Bolivia and Chile in the East. Its territory is made up of different landscapes: the valleys, plateaus and the high peaks of the Andes are deployed to the West toward the desert coast and eastward to the Amazon. It is one of the countries of greatest biodiversity in the world and greater resources minerales.10 11

The ancient Peru was a region of successive civilizations since the emergence of Caral-Supe in the 3200 C.12 the Inca Empire was the last autochthonous or indigenous, State which dominated much of the American West to the 15th century. With the next century advino the conquest of the Inca Empire, after which the territory was configured as a Viceroyalty of the Spanish Empire articulated around the exploitation of silver and gold with forced labour of indigenous peoples and African slaves in mines and haciendas. The Bourbon reforms of the 18th century gave rise to various uprisings against colonial authority, whose main exponent was the rebellion of Túpac Amaru II.13(1)

With the occupation of Spain and the promulgation of the Constitution of 1812, spread ideas of political autonomy in Spanish America. Independence was formally proclaimed in 1821, and was in the battle of Ayacucho settled three years despues.14 the country remained in recession and low caudillismo military until the boom and decline in the era of Guano, which ended shortly before the war of the Pacific. In the post-war period, was built an oligarchic policy which prevailed until the end of the eleven. The successive democratic Governments were constantly interrupted by hits of Estado


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