Route of the Andean Baroque
A new touristic corridor in which the Church of the Society of Jesus in Cusco, Church of San Pedro Apostol in Andahuaylillas, Church of San Juan Bautista in Huaro and the Chapel of the Purified Virgin of Canicunca are inscribed.

These enclosures share the fact that they are a sample of the best colonial baroque art quality in our country. We give all the facilities so these temples can be visited in an organized way and that through it supplementary economical activities are generated for the citizens. Service activities like commerce and restaurants. We encourage the elaboration of local handicraft in textiles and pottery. We also manage some small shops where you can find some souvenirs related to the Andean baroque. The income goes directly to the different social works that we have in Cusco and the Quispicanchi province.

Our tour starts in the Church of the Society of Jesus located in the Main Square of the archaeological capital of America.

In this context you can start your journey with the Route of the Andean Baroque, once you have finished your visit to the Compañía de Jesús Temple, you will go to what is called the South Valley, a trip by car that lasts approximately 45 minutes
from downtown whe you will visit:

The “Sixtine Chapel of America”.

The Church of San Juan Bautista of Huaro.

Chapel of the Purified Virgin of Canincunca.